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Vivianna Irizarri




Vivianna Irizarri-Rifino was born in New York City and studied fine arts at Art and Design High School and Parsons School of Design. As an artist, she put aside her passion for art and painting, to become a Graphic Designer and an Interior Designer.  Now that she is retired, her full attention to art has returned. 


Her paintings reflect the romanticism of old world master techniques from the 16th to the 19th centuries.  Each painting uses lights and darks to emphasize the subject's strength and vulnerability.


When she begins oil painting, she finds the scale and proportion of the subject, then, applies a broad underpainting of color to capture the desired hue and value.   She gradually builds and refines the details around the subject, looking for new ways to create a seamless painting.  Most of her work uses elements of naturalism and romanticism blending techniques from the past to create surrealistic paintings and drawings.


Vivianna, has received peer recognition and juried awards for the past 5 years. A recent  award recognition of merit, from the 29th Annual International Exhibition for the Colored Pencil Society of America, for her drawing of  a sword-billed hummingbird in motion. There were over 632 entires of which 120 were selected.


To see more of Vivianna's work, please contact her at 703-851-9818.  Available for commission work.


Vivianna Irizarri
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