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Jody Futterman


Jody Futterman – Artist Bio

Jody grew up in the Chicago area. She declared herself an artist by 4 years old. At 7, her mother was able to have her take pastel lessons from a talented French artist. Unfortunately it was short lived when they moved to the suburbs.

During her college years, some of her art instructors were showing in Chicago and New York galleries alongside big named artists working in photorealism, which was a very popular growing style in painting. This was a real learning and appreciating of the art world for her. Jody always painted realistic and worked in photography so she fused the love for each in her art.

After working in commercial art, and becoming an art teacher, she started her family. A bit later she started her own design company and specialized in wearables for children and adults. She had a rep in the Chicago Apparel Mart and sold to stores across the U.S.

Then came Computers. She shifted over to graphic design when Apple Computers became a client. She used all her art skills with her clients, but it was for businesses. It was all work and no play.

Many years later came retirement and Naples. Best of all, the wonderful art culture of Naples; the downtown Von Leibig Art Center, galleries, and the Artis and Baker museum. There was a class in Pastels. 55 years later and the same pastels she used at 7, were so enthusiastically put to use.

Her style of photo realism, is reflected in her oil and acrylic paintings, and in pastel. For a completely different mindset, she paints abstract using alcohol ink in bold color. But she finds the love of detail and the attachment she feels with her paintings while she creates them, very satisfying.


Jody Futterman
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