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Giampaolo Curreri

Vice President

Giampaolo Curreri

(a painter made in Italy!)



Born in Milan, Italy, Giampaolo attended art schools andearned degrees and worked in advertising and marketing.With his family he resided in San Francisco, California,and relocated with wife Rose to Naples, Florida in Dec. 2018.


ART :  Acrylic on Canvas - 24 x 36 inches.

In unique vivid palettes of acrylic colors on canvases I create paintings of realism and impressionism that differ from the school of the late 19th century French painters.


My “flowers” paintings are titled with female names from various cultures, religione and provenances in honor of their vital role for humanity, all the while a majority of them endure deplorable disregard and abuse.

Giampaolo Curreri
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