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Basic Function:

Oversee financial administration for the organization, identifying opportunities, risks, and tax implications of financial plans. Serve as the historian to ensure accurate records are maintained for the organization. All bylaws, reports, and any other required documents should be updated and stored safely.

Dutiesof the Secretary/Treasurer

1.Attend scheduled meetings and record meeting minutes.

2.Collect member dues and forward membership information to the AGON President for inclusion on the AGON member roster.

3.Prepare the AGON budget, present it to the board for approval, and ensure AGON activities adhere to the budget.

4.Sign checks to pay the financial obligations approved by the board of directors.

5.Presents a financial report at each board meeting and prepares and presents the annual financial report to the board.

6.Provide recommendations to the board on methods to increase revenue.

7.Development of a disbursement system to track and approve all disbursements to assure financial obligations are approved by the board of directors and debtors are promptly paid.

8.Communicate due dates for membership dues to the current AGOM members.

9.Reconcile bank statements.

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