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JoAnne Crowson, President

JoAnne was the original founder of the Art Guild of Naples and has been instrumental in building our organization.  In addition to leading the growth of the organization she is devoted to marketing of our organization throughout the community. 

Giampaolo Curreri,  Vice President

Giampaolo assumed the Vice President position in January 2023 and has brought our  team renewed energy and enthusiasm. 

Vivianna Irizarri,  Treasurer

Vivianna was one of the original founders of the Art Guild of Naples and is instrumental in our growth and finances.

Maria Hildebrand

Lin's energy and attention to detail are key assets to our organization's future.

Peggy Keigley, Special Events Coordinator

Peggy has been an integral member of the Art Guild of Naples and has recently accepted the role and responsibilities of the Special Events Coordinator role.  This role is key to the success of our organization and is highly dependent on the sup​port of supporting committees.

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