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Overall Piece.jpg
Handcrafted Jewelry



Spheer Necklace and earings 148.jpg
Sphere Necklace and Matching Earings






wire crocheted necklace 155.jpg
Wire Crocheted Shell Necklace





Silver Sparkles Set 185.jpg
Sliver Sparkles Set






Seahorse Amulet 110.jpg
Seahorse Amulet Necklace






Pink Black Reversable Set 165.jpg
Pink/Black Reversible Set







Limeade Swirl Bracelet

Shades of Copper Bracelet





Hand Beaded Abalone Pendant Necklace 245 F.PNG
Hand Beaded Abalone Pendant Necklace






Bands of Color_250_F.PNG
Bands of Color






Gold Bronze Sphere Necklace 130 F.PNG
Gold/Bronze Sphere Necklace






Enchanting Necklace 295.jpg

Enchanting Necklace





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