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Artist Biography

Artist Biography

Ursula Cappelletti

Ursula was born and educated in Germany. Throughout her career the definition and interpretation of color was a significant element of her work. She developed her sense of color and design through never ending observation and practice.

While in Belgium for 14 years, Ursula studied fiber arts at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. The six-year program involved working with: wool, cotton, fabrics, rope, wood, paper, wire, and a variety of other materials. The study of colors and their inter-relationship was an equally important part of the program.

“What I like the most in working in ‘Fiber Arts’ is that there is always an invitation to touch and feel the material that is used in leading to the art work. This was integral to my efforts in creating numerous pieces of art on and off the wall. Today the sensation of touching becomes an important part when I combine mixed media work with abstract painting”. Ursula discovered that applying paint abstractly on canvas was, and continues to be, a joyful experience for her.

“I find that color influences every aspect of our lives. With each painting, I like to achieve a rich, visual experience of color and movement. I use, brushes, palette knifes, and a random array of different tools, even my hands, to apply paints and mediums, as well as a number of diverse materials for additional texture. My inspiration is influenced by embracing past experiences, living every day’s events and focusing on the uniqueness of life that surrounds us”.

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